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Hua Bai

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging
3260 Molecular Biology 294-9395
Diane Bassham

Vesicle trafficking and autophagy in plants
1035B Roy J. Carver Co-Lab 294-7461
Hala Bastawros
Senior Lecturer
2216 Molecular Biology 294-8843
Philip Becraft

Maize endosperm development, genetics, genomics
2116 Molecular Biology 294-2903
Hui-Hsien Chou

Computational biology and bioinformatics
507 Science Hall II 294-9242
Clark Coffman

Cell migration and programmed cell death
3258 Molecular Biology 294-3911
Drena Dobbs

Understand how proteins and nucleic acids achieve their functional three-dimensional structures
3112 Molecular Biology 294-1112
Karin Dorman

Development of models to extract information from pathogen sequence information
534 Science Hall II 294-6078
Jeffrey Essner

Cancer and developmental biology using the zebrafish model system
636 Science Hall II 294-7133
Xun Gu

Evolutionary genomics, microarray, functional prediction from phylogenetic analysis, systems biology
536 Science Hall II 294-8075
Mohan Gupta

Microtubule cytoskeleton driven cellular processes
457 Bessey Hall 294-3951
Karri Haen Whitmer
509 Science Hall II 294-0320
Eric Henderson

Interface between biology and nanotechnology
3114 Molecular Biology
Harry (Jack) Horner

calcium oxalate, cell biology, crystals, development, male sterility, microsporogenesis
3A Bessey Hall 294-8635
Stephen Howell

Gene regulatory networks controlling stress responses in plants
1035A Roy J Carver Co-Lab 294-5737
Johanna Kowalko
Study genetic basis of behavioral variation in natural populations using zebra and cave fish model systems
640 Science II 294-2360
Julie A. Kuhlman

Peripheral nervous system development
642 Science Hall II 294-7322
Sayali Kukday
2112 Molecular Biology 294-9884
Carolyn Lawrence-Dill

Maize genomics and bioinformatics, predictive phenomics, and extreme information management
0035B Roy J. Carver Co-Lab 294-4294
Carly Manz
320 Curtiss Hall  294-6284
Michael McCloskey

Membrane physiology, immune-nervous system communication
540 Science Hall II 294-5925
Maura McGrail

Cancer genetics and genomics in zebrafish
638 Science Hall II 294-4445
Michael Muszynski

Elucidating genetic networks underlying maize development
2156 Molecular Biology 294-2496
Thomas Peterson

Identification of gene structures in maize
2208 Molecular Biology 294-6345
Jo Anne Powell-Coffman

Regulatory networks that enable animals to sense and adapt to their environments during development
2108 Molecular Biology 294-3906
Steven Rodermel

Chloroplast biogenesis; intracellular communication; mechanisms of photosynthesis
457 Bessey Hall 294-8890
Donald Sakaguchi

Retinal transplantation, stem cell biology
502 Science Hall II 294-3112
Stephan Q. Schneider

Gene regulatory networks, asymmetric cell division in animal development and evolution
634 Science Hall II 294-4956
Martin Spalding

Photosynthetic carbon metabolism and metabolic regulation of gene expression in plants and photosynthetic microbes
202 Catt Hall 294-4851 (v)
294-1303 (f)
Jeffrey Trimarchi

Retinal development, gene regulatory networks, single cell profiling
2114 Molecular Biology 294-7059
Geetu Tuteja
Transcriptional regulation; placental development; genomics; next-generation sequencing and data analysis
2106 Molecular Biology 294-3417
Erik Vollbrecht

Plant development, meristems, genetics, genomics
2206 Molecular Biology 294-9009
Eve Syrkin Wurtele

Interplay between the metabolic and regulatory signals: the metabolic network of plants
441 Bessey Hall 294-8989
Marna Yandeau-Nelson
Genetic dissection of metabolic networks in plants and microbes; biorenewables
 4138 BRL  294-1079
Bing Yang

Revealing the nature of interaction between the effector protein and the promoter of the corresponding responsive gene in rice
1035C Roy J Carver Co-Lab 294-2968
Yanhai Yin

Understanding how plant steroid hormones Brassinosteroids (BRs) regulate plant growth and development using Arabidopsis as a model
1035D Roy J Carver Co-Lab 294-4816