Congratulations graduates!

August 4, 2017

Photo of GDCB spring and summer 2017 GDCB graduates
Congratulations to the Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology's spring and summer graduates. From left are Jiani Chen (summer); Rebecca Chowdhury (summer); Yunting Pu (spring); and Jennifer Chang (summer). Other spring and summer graduates include Bhagyashree Birla, Shibo Gao, Bryan Gontarek and Aron Nakama. 

Eight Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology students graduated from Iowa State University in spring and summer 2017.

Graduating in spring with a Ph.D. were Bhagyashree S. Birla (bioinformatics and computational biology), Bryan C. Gontarek (plant biology) and Yunting Pu (genetics). Aron Brian Nakama (neuroscience and molecular, cellular and developmental biology) graduated in the spring with a master of science degree. Summer Ph.D. graduates included Jiani Chen (plant biology), Rebecca Chowdhury (molecular, cellular and developmental biology) and Jennifer Chang (bioinformatics and computational biology). Shibo (Hylia) Gao (bioinformatics and computational biology) graduated in the summer with a master of science degree.

These graduates' major professors were Dr. Carolyn Lawrence-Dill and Dr. Eric Henderson (Birla); Dr. Basil Nikolau and Dr. Patrick Schnable (Chang); Dr. Yanhai Yin (Chen); Dr. Jeff Trimarchi (Chowdhury); Drs. Drena Dobbs and Amy Vincent, (Gao); Dr. Philip Becraft (Gontarek); Dr. Michael McCloskey and Dr. Stephan Schneider (Nakama); and Dr. Diane Bassham (Pu).

Congratulations to these spring and summer 2017 GDCB graduates!

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