GDCB Graduate Mentoring and Education


The Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology (GDCB) considers graduate education to be a cornerstone of the university and is a major participant in the development and offering of several excellent interdepartmental graduate majors, including BCB, Genetics and Genomics, Microbiology, MCDB, Neuroscience, Plant Biology and Toxicology.  GDCB is responsible for the development of graduate level courses, in consultation with the Directors of Graduate Education (DOGE) for the interdepartmental graduate majors; and with the administration of these courses and with providing instructors.

The DOGE for an interdepartmental graduate program is usually appointed to a two-year term. Currently, GDCB has two faculty participating in the role of DOGE for an interdepartmental program: Professor Erik Vollbrecht and Associate Professor Mohan Gupta.

Mohan Gupta, GDCB associate professor
GDCB Associate Professor Mohan Gupta

Associate Professor Mohan Gupta

Associate Professor Mohan Gupta became the director of graduate education (DOGE) for the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Interdepartmental Graduate Program. His term is effective from 2020-2023.   

The Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology Interdepartmental Graduate Program is a multidisciplinary major that allows students to explore the mechanisms of life processes in cutting-edge research labs.  MCDB students perform independent research under the guidance of top faculty investigating a diverse range of questions in the sciences of molecular, cellular and developmental biology.

Erik Vollbrecht, GDCB professor
GDCB Professor Erik Vollbrecht

Professor Erik Vollbrecht

Professor Erik Vollbrecht is the DOGE for the Genetics and Genomics Graduate Program. His term is from 2020-2023.

Genetics and Genomics faculty have strengths in many areas, from fundamental studies at the molecular, cellular, organismal, and population levels, to research with immediate practical application. Ongoing research projects span all the major areas of theoretical and experimental genetics, including molecular studies of gene regulation, gene mapping, transposable element studies, developmental genetics, quantitative and mathematical genetics, evolutionary genetics, and population genetics.