GDCB Seminar — 'Actin cytoskeleton network self-organization’

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 4:10pm to 5:00pm
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David KovarSpeaker — David Kovar, Professor at The University of Chicago: Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Chair, Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program 

Title — Actin cytoskeleton network self-organization

Abstract — Cells facilitate many fundamental processes such as division, polarization, endocytosis and motility by controlling the assembly of specific actin filament (F-actin) networks with defined behaviors such as F-actin architecture/organization, size and density, and dynamics, which are tailored to perform their specific functions. The distinct characteristics of different F-actin networks are determined through the coordinated action of specific sets of actin binding proteins (ABPs) with complementary biochemical properties. Cells typically assemble and use multiple F-actin networks simultaneously within the same cytoplasm, so networks must self-organize from a common pool of shared actin monomers (G-actin) and overlapping sets of ABPs. We are therefore investigating how multiple different F-actin networks can simultaneously self-organize (be assembled and maintained) within a common cellular cytoplasm. We have predicted that there are important cross talk interactions between diverse networks that are critical for their form and function. Our long-term goal is to discover the direct and indirect interactions between self-organized F-actin networks, which are critical for establishing their unique identities and functions within a common cytoplasm, and to determine the underlying molecular mechanistic principles that govern these interactions.

Host — Moe Gupta