GDCB Seminar: Computing on gene functions and phenotypes in plants

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 4:10pm to 5:00pm
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Speaker: Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, Iowa State University Department of Agronomy and Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology professor

QuOATS chartTitle: Computing on gene functions and phenotypes in plants

Abstract: Predictions about gene function and phenotype guide hypothesis development. As such, the quality and availability of these types of data strongly influence the rate of progress for research.  In my research group, we are working to generate tools that predict gene function in an easy-to-use and reproducible way and to automate phenotype associations in plants.  This seminar will describe:

(1) Genome-wide gene function annotations and their potential for comparative functional genomics analyses; and 

(2)  Natural language processing to enable the use of free text phenotype descriptions for computing on similarities across phenotypes.

For both projects, example use cases will be presented. For access to the gene function prediction tool called GOMAP, visit A list of annotated plant genomes is maintained at For access to phenotype similarity tool called QuOATS, visit

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May 4, 2021, GDCB Seminar flyer (Carolyn J. Lawrence-Dill)