GDCB's nurturing environment creates stellar scientists tackling global issues

March 28, 2022

After earning doctorates from Iowa State University (ISU) in 2021, six graduates affiliated with the Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology (GDCB) are moving forward in their careers. Some of these new alumni continue their research on aging and plant breeding, while others develop and improve cancer detection. 

Ian Braun and Mark McHugh earned their doctorates in spring 2021, while Yosia Mugume, Emmanuel Nsamba and Urminder Singh received their doctorates in summer 2021. Mark Bouska received his Ph.D. in the fall. 

Learn more about these 2021 graduates in the March 2022 issue of BioCY News.

Mark McHugh, 2021 Ph.D. graduate
Mark McHugh

Ian Braun, 2021 Ph.D. graduate
Ian Braun

Yosia Mugume, 2021 Ph.D. graduate
Yosia Mugume

Urminder Singh, 2021 Ph.D. graduate
Urminder Singh

Mark Bouska, 2021 Ph.D. graduate
Mark Bouska

Emmanuel Nsamba, 2021 Ph.D. graduate
Emmanuel Nsamba

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