Gupta receives NSF CAREER award; aims for big discoveries in the small universe of microtubules and protein isotypes

October 7, 2019

Mohan Gupta
Mohan Gupta, genetics, development and cell biology assistant professor, earned a 2019 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation.

Mohan Gupta, assistant professor in genetics, development and cell biology, earned a 2019 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award of $1,115,426 from the National Science Foundation.  

“The CAREER award is one of NSF’s most prestigious honors, supporting faculty members early in their career who also serve as exemplary researchers and teacher-scholars,” said Rita Miller, a program director at the National Science Foundation. “Dr. Gupta has been a pioneer in developing new protocols to study microtubules that has allowed a whole set of new discoveries to be made.”

“We are honored and grateful that the National Science Foundation, the nation’s foremost champion of fundamental research, is supporting our work,” said Gupta. “The study of tubulin isotypes is an understudied and emerging research area that has only recently gained steam. This leaves the door wide open for intriguing and exciting breakthroughs.”

The CAREER award was granted through the NSF’s competitive Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Division. The funds will support basic research, as well as the cost of education and outreach efforts that target high school and college students.

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