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Chen, Miao receive spring 2022 TEX/REX awards

Ting Miao, GDCB graduate student
Ting Miao
Keting Chen, GDCB postdoc
Keting Chen

Two genetics, development and cell biology (GDCB) graduate students received Teaching Excellence (TEX) and Research Excellence (REX) awards from the Graduate College in spring 2022 for “outstanding” and “phenomenal” work. Keting Chen received a TEX award for work as a teaching assistant in BCBio 322, while Ting Miao received a REX for her work as a research assistant in GDCB Associate Professor Hua Bai’s lab.  

Keting Chen
A spring 2022 graduate, Chen is currently a postdoctoral research associate in GDCB Associate Professor Marna Yandeau-Nelson’s lab. Yandeau-Nelson was her major professor.

GDCB Professor Xun Gu nominated Chen for the TEX award. “She did a great job,” Gu said. He added Chen helped students adjust back to in-person classes.  

Ting Miao
In nominating Miao for her award, GDCB Associate Professor Hua Bai said she “is a phenomenal graduate student.” Miao’s major is in genetics and genomics.

Bai said, “It has been a real pleasure to watch Ting grow into a successful young scientist. Ting did not achieve such success in one day. She did so through her hard work, perseverance, and creativity.”

The department congratulates these TEX and REX recipients for jobs well done.