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Voyek receives P&S Council CYtation Team Award as part of CARES team

Mandy Voyek, grants specialistMandy Voyek, a grants specialist with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences CARES team, received an ISU Professional and Scientific (P&S) Council CYtation Team Award on Thursday, March 24, for her work as part of CARES. As a grants specialist, Voyek works with the Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology (GDCB).

Other members of the CARES team include Ásrún Ÿr Kristmundsdóttir, Kerry Bilsten, Kendra M Lee, Natalia Rogovska, Lisa Stephany, Seth Wilmes, Kelly Yohnke and Wenli Su.

According to P&S Council information CYtation recipients "must be nominated for performing above and beyond the call of duty, doing something extraordinarily well, and acting in such a way as to make a very real difference in the institution."

GDCB Professor and Communications Committee Chair Eric Henderson said, "Many was fantastic when she worked within the GDCB Department, and her expertise is now being leveraged university wide!"