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  • Grad Student-Postdoc-Staff Seminar Series flyer for fall 2022

    The GDCB Graduate Student Postdoc Organization announces the Fall 2022 Graduate Student-Postdoc-Staff Seminar Series. 

    Meeting link:




  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Students 'nerd out' as they build bionic hand

    By Whitney Baxter, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences communications specialist

    What do you get when you combine students from life sciences and engineering majors at Iowa State University? A collection of great minds eager to tackle innovative projects in class.

    Karri Haen Whitmer, teaching professor in genetics, development and cell biology, is one of nine College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty who were selected for the new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows Program. Sponsored by the Dean’s Office of Academic Innovation and Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the program aims to expand a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among CALS faculty.

  • Growing a research legacy

    In 2001, the scientific community hadn't yet confirmed many molecular details about plant autophagy. Decades earlier, the process had been discovered in animals. But the earth’s 391,000 plant species — from soaring redwoods and fragrant gardenias, to microscopic plankton — had yet to reveal which genes and intracellular activities were controlling this vital plant digestive process.

    That same year, plant scientist Diane Bassham pitched a bold idea as she interviewed for a faculty-research position in the Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology at Iowa State University. Bassham proposed that her primary research project would focus on searching for plant autophagy, with the goal of someday discovering the genes that controlled the process.

  • After earning doctorates from Iowa State University (ISU) in 2021, six graduates affiliated with the Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology (GDCB) are moving forward in their careers. Some of these new alumni continue their research on aging and plant breeding, while others develop and improve cancer detection. 

    Ian Braun and Mark McHugh earned their doctorates in spring 2021, while Yosia Mugume, Emmanuel Nsamba and Urminder Singh received their doctorates in summer 2021. Mark Bouska received his Ph.D. in the fall. 

    Learn more about these 2021 graduates in the March 2022 issue of BioCY News.

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