Note Bene: Recognition of GDCB students, faculty and staff

July 28, 2012

2012 Recognition Luncheon
GDCB 2012 Recognition Luncheon

GDCB Recognition Luncheon.  Ninety-five students, faculty, and staff associated with GDCB were recognized for their achievements during the year at the annual GDCB Honors and Awards Recognition Luncheon held on April 24, 2012 in the Molecular Biology Atrium. See attached program for the complete list of honorees.  GDCB would like to thank Connie Garnett (event organizer) and Diane Jepsen for their assistance with this event.

Spring 2012 Graduate.  Yimo Liu, who was mentored by Prof. Diane Bassham, earned her Ph.D. in Genetics this spring.  Yimo was also the recipient of the Graduate College‚Äôs Research Excellence Award.  Dr. Liu is now a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington.

BCB Supervisory Committee awards 2012 Cornette Fellowships.  All four fellowship recipients are co-mentored by GDCB faculty and each recipient will receive a $3,000 scholarship. Divita Mathur, a BCB graduate student mentored by Eric Henderson, professor in GDCB, and Jack Lutz, professor in Computer Science, was awarded an Honorable Mention and will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Olga Nikolova, Mentors: Srinivas Aluru, professor in ECPE and Pat Schnable, professor in Agronomy and courtesy faculty in GDCB.

Will Pett, Mentors: Dennis Lavrov, professor in EEOB and Karin Dorman, professor in GDCB and Statistics.

Rasna Walia, Mentors: Vasant Honavar, professor in Computer Science and Drena Dobbs, professor in GDCB.

Tieming Ji, Mentors: Dan Nettleton, professor in Statistics and Pat Schnable, professor in Agronomy and courtesy faculty in GDCB.

2012 GDCB Recognition Program

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