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Abesh Bera

Abesh Bera

  • Graduate Assistant (Gupta Lab)

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2200 Osborn Drive, 463 Bessey Hall
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  • B. Tech, Biotechnology, Vellore Institute of Technology, 2012

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Microtubules are one of the three types of cellular cytoskeletons that provides structure and support to all eukaryotic cells. They are dynamically unstable, hollow, cylindrical polymers of tubulin-heterodimers that can undergo stochastic length fluctuations. This particular ability helps microtubules to assemble into highly synchronized molecular machines that can mediate a plethora of crucial cellular functions like cell division, cytoskeletal organization, axon guidance, intracellular transport and force generation. Differential regulation between the microtubules in space and time must underlie their vastly involved yet finely tuned activities. My research focuses on elucidating this self-regulatory property of microtubules.