Hua Bai

Assistant Professor

Dr. Bai received his B.S. in Biology (1997) from East China Normal University; his M.S. in Aquatic Biology from Shanghai Ocean University (2000); and his Ph.D. in Entomology from University of Kentucky (2009), where his mentor was Dr. Subba Reddy Palli. He was a postdoctoral research fellow with Dr. Marc Tatar at Brown University (2009-2015). Dr. Bai joined the faculty of Iowa State University, Department of Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology in January 2016, as a tenure-eligible assistant professor. Although his career trajectory is a bit unique and his scientific training is somewhat diverse, Dr. Bai’s career path began and remains primarily in hormonal and transcriptional regulatory networks affecting animal physiology.

Research Description

The Bai lab is interested in one of the most fascinating, yet poorly understood phenomena in biology: How animals age? By elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging and uncovering the secret of Fountain of Youth, we hope that we can find ways to prevent age-associated diseases and prolong the healthspan of global aging population. Drosophila Genetics, Genomics, Behavior and Imaging Analysis are frequently used in our lab to tackle a variety of aging-related questions.

Currently we are focusing on three main research areas. Please check out the lab website for more details and updates (

  1. Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac Aging.
  2. Organ Communication via Systematic Signals.
  3. Stress and Tissue Homeostasis.


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Area of Expertise: 
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac Aging
B.S., East China Normal University. 1997
M.S., Shanghai Ocean University, 2000
Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 2009
3260 Molecular Biology Building