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Xun Gu

  • Professor

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453 Bessey
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  • B.S., Fudan University, China, 1985
  • M.S., Fudan University, China. 1987
  • Ph.D., University of Texas, Houston, 1996

More Information

Dr. Gu, Professor. He came to Iowa State University as an Assistant Professor in 1998, and was promoted to Associate Professor (with tenure) in 2002, and to Full Professor (with tenure) in 2006. Dr. Gu serves on the editorial board of “Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution”, and “Journal of Experimental Zoology B”. Dr. Gu is the 2001 recipient of the prestigious Dupont Young Professor Award. Dr. Gu’s research group has focused on comparative and evolutionary genomics, computational biology, and evolution of systems biology. Dr. Gu and his group have published over 100 papers.

Research Description

His research has been focused on (1) statistical methods for evolutionary genomics for understanding the genome complexity, and (2) high throughput comparative genomics analysis. Achievements of our research group are: Develop statistical methods and bioinformatics software for predicting functional divergence of a protein family, statistical analysis for expression divergence between duplicate genes, and statistical modeling for gene gain and loss during genomic evolution. Analyze across-species model organism genomes, from yeasts, plants, vertebrates to primates. Recently, our research is exploring the new area of Systems Biology and Evolution: Understanding gene pleiotrophy, genetic robustness, genome complexity and gene network evolution.

Publications (since 2004, when GDCB was created)

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