Reserve a Conference Room


GDCB faculty, staff and students are currently housed in four buildings on campus: Bessey Hall, Molecular Biology Building, Roy J. Carver Co-Lab and Science Hall II.  Following is information on how to reserve a conference room for a meeting in any of these buildings.

1. Bessey Hall. Contact an EEOB administrative staff in Bessey 251 to reserve an EEOB-managed conference room.  If a conference room is unavailable, check with the Plant Pathology administrative office in Bessey 351 to check availability of their conference room.

2. Molecular Biology Building.  There are four conference rooms that can be reserved online via the Molecular Biology Building Conference Room Reservations link. Those housed in the MBB can use their lab or office key to access a conference room.  Other users can borrow a conference room key from the receptionist in 1210 MBB administrative office.

3. Roy J. Carver Co-Lab. Contact Carver Co-Lab reception desk at 294-5252 to reserve one of two available conference rooms.

4.  Science Hall II.  Select link below to reserve the GDCB-managed 541 conference room.  If unavailable, check with the NREM (Natural Resource Ecology and Management) administrative office in 339 Science Hall II to check availability of one of their conference rooms.

Reserve 541 Science Hall II Conference Room

At this time the system cannot automatically schedule repeating reservations. If a repeating reservation is needed, email with your reservation request.

To cancel a 541 Science Hall II conference room reservation, follow the link and instructions provided in the original email reservation confirmation.