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Research Support Facilities

Protein Facility
Protein Facility
Metabolomics Facility
Metabolomics Facility

Antibody & Cell Culture Services — Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production and screening

Cyro EMThe Cryo-EM Facility allows researchers to visualize complex 3D structures of biomolecules such as viruses and proteins. This powerful technology provides an unparalleled way to study the role of biological machines.

DNA Facility The DNA Facility’s team of dedicated experts is committed to providing researchers with the tools, assistance and knowledge needed to achieve research goals for genomics and molecular biology research projects. The Facility turns cells, tissues, DNA or RNA into custom data sets that facilitate visualization of specific sequences, the assembly of whole genomes or epigenomes, the evaluation of transcriptomes or the identification of organisms in a diverse population through metagenomic applications.

Flow Cytometry FacilityThe Flow Cytometry Facility measures physical and chemical characteristics of cells, rapidly acquiring data on tens of thousands of unique cells.  This technology has applications in numerous fields including molecular biology, pathology, immunology, virology, plant biology and marine biology.

Genome Informatics FacilityThe Genome Informatics Facility transforms raw data into informative data; analyzing the genetic code of plants, animals, and bacteria.   Our primary objective is to decipher complex data sets allowing researchers to gain insight into their biological problems.

Genomic Technologies Facility The Genomic Technologies Facility (GTF), part of the Center for Plant Genomics, provides expertise and equipment to conduct high-throughput research. Our services and equipment include High Throughput Nucleic Acid Manipulation, PCR Instruments and other miscellaneous services and instruments. 

Roy J. Carver High Resolution Microscopy FacilityThe Roy J. Carver High Resolution Microscopy Facility (HRMF) provides researchers with the ability to visualize a wide range of specimens.  From atoms to seedlings, the HRMF is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to examine any subject. Contact our expert staff to determine which microscope is right for your project.

Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography Facility The Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography Facility specializes in the visualization of the 3D structures of biomolecules such as proteins using X-rays and computation. The facility offers a variety of instrumentation and expertise related to protein purification and the characterization of purity, size, stability and structure of proteins and protein complexes.

Materials Analysis Research Laboratory The Materials Analysis and Research Laboratory (MARL) offers expert characterization of materials to determine shape, size, chemistry, structure, and surface properties.

W.M. Keck Metabolomics Research Laboratory The Metabolomics Research Laboratory identifies unknown molecules, provides compound analyses of biological samples, and custom molecular analyses through mass spectrometry-based techniques.

Protein FacilityThe Protein Facility specializes in the analysis, characterization and synthesis of proteins and peptides, proteomics, and antibody services.

Innovation Assets & ServicesInvestigators across campus will find a range of units and facilities that offer the equipment, instrumentation, and expertise to support their individual research mission.