GDCB Committees for 2016-2017


Executive Committee

GDCB Committees(Committee elects a chair)

5  tenured members, including chairs of the Curriculum and the Promotion and Tenure committees

  • Steve Rodermel
    (Chair, Curriculum Committee)
  • Diane Bassham
    (Chair, Promotion and Tenure)
  • Jeff Essner
  • Thomas Peterson
  • Steve Howell

Promotion and Tenure Committee

5 tenured members, including at least 3 full professors

  • Don Sakaguchi
  • Drena Dobbs
  • Yanhai Yin
  • Diane Bassham, Chair
  • Steve Rodermel
  • Steve Howell
  • Eve Wurtele
  • Clark Coffman (Peer Teaching Coordinator)

Curriculum Committee

Chair plus members of undergraduate program committees and Peer Teaching Coordinator

  • Steve Rodermel, Chair
  • Biology Program Committee:  GDCB representatives
    Jeff Essner (Chair), Erik Vollbrecht (Associate Program Director), Johanna Kowalko, and Jim Holtz (staff)
  • Genetics Major Committee:  GDCB representatives
    Erik Vollbrecht, Maura McGrail, and Lois Girton (staff)
  • BCBio Supervisory Committee: GDCB representatives
    Karin Dorman,Carolyn Lawrence Dill, and Lois Girton (staff),
  • Peer Teaching Coordinator:  Clark Coffman

Graduate Affairs Committee

  • Bing Yang, Chair
  • Thomas Peterson
  • Eve Syrkin Wurtele
  • Danise Jones (staff)

Honors and Awards Committee

3 faculty, 1 staff and 1 graduate student

  • Jack Horner, Chair
  • Yanhai Yin
  • Eve Syrkin Wurtele
  • Eric Henderson
  • Carolyn Lawrence Dill
  • Danise Jones (staff)
  • Graduate student representative (TBD)

Seminar Committee

3 faculty, 1 staff and 1 graduate student

  • Steve Howell (Co-Chair)
  • Geetu Tuteja
  • Jeff Trimarchi
  • Mohan Gupta
  • Marna Yandeau-Nelson

Diversity Committee

3 faculty, 1 staff and 1 graduate student

  • Clark Coffman, Chair
  • Julie Kuhlman
  • Xun Gu
  • Diane Jepsen, staff
  • Graduate student representative (TBD)

Ad Hoc Committees

Communications Team

  • Eric Henderson, Director
  • Danise Jones, staff
  • Graduate student representatives, TBD

IT Committee

  • Hui-Hsien Chou, Chair
  • Stephan Schneider
  • Jennifer Johnson (staff)
  • Danise Jones (staff)

Space Committee

  • Drena Dobbs
  • Jeff Essner
  • Steve Howell
  • Steve Rodermel, Chair
  • Don Sakaguchi

Additional Leadership Roles and Contribution To Institutional Services

Library Liaison:  Mike McCloskey

Organizers of Brown Bag seminars:  Xun Gu and Eve Syrkin Wurtele

Environmental Health and Safety Liaison:  Mike McCloskey

Other College or University Leadership Roles and Service Commitments

  • Jeff Essner, Office of Biotechnology Council, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Erik Vollbrecht, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Curriculum Committee
  • Clark Coffman, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outcomes Committee
  • Bing Yang, LAS Faculty Representative
  • Jack Horner, Director of the Microscopy and Nanoimaging Facility in Bessey Hall

Leadership in Interdepartmental Graduate Programs

  • Diane Bassham, Chair of Plant Biology
  • Clark Coffman, Chair of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
  • Carolyn Dill Lawrence, Associate Chair of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Jeff Essner, Chair of Genetics and Genomics
  • Tom Peterson, Associate Chair of Genetics and Genomics