GDCB Committees for 2018-2019


Executive Committee

GDCB Committees(Committee elects a chair: 5 tenured members, including chairs of the Curriculum and the Promotion and Tenure committees)

  • Jeff Essner (Chair)
  • Don Sakaguchi (Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee)
  • Phil Becraft (Chair, Curriculum Committee)
  • Diane Bassham
  • Drena Dobbs

Promotion and Tenure Committee

(5 tenured members, including at least 3 full professors and the peer teaching coordinator)

  • Don Sakaguchi (Chair)
  • Drena Dobbs
  • Steve Rodermel
  • Erik Vollbrecht
  • Clark Coffman (Peer Teaching Coordinator)

Curriculum Committee

(Chair plus members of undergraduate program committees and peer teaching coordinator)

  • Phil Becraft (Chair)
  • Biology Program Committee: GDCB representatives
    Jeff Essner (Chair), Erik Vollbrecht (Associate Program Director), Sayali Kukday and Jim Holtz (EEOB/GDCB advising staff)
  • Genetics Major Committee: GDCB representatives
    Clark Coffman (Chair), Maura McGrail and Lois Girton (GDCB advising staff)
  • BCBio Supervisory Committee: GDCB representatives
    Karin Dorman, Drena Dobbs and Lois Girton (GDCB staff)
  • Peer Teaching Coordinator: Clark Coffman

Graduate Affairs Committee

  • Maura McGrail, Chair
  • Xun Gu
  • Eve Wurtele
  • Danise Jones (staff)

Honors and Awards Committee

(4 faculty, 1 staff and 1 graduate student)

  • Tom Peterson (Chair)
  • Drena Dobbs
  • Eric Henderson
  • Carolyn Lawrence Dill (coordinator, fall research celebration)
  • Danise Jones (staff)
  • Graduate student representative (TBD)

Seminar Committee

(6 faculty, 1 staff and 1 graduate student)

  • Steve Howell (Chair)
  • Geetu Tuteja
  • Hua Bai
  • Mohan Gupta
  • Marna Yandeau-Nelson
  • Kyaw (Joe) Aung
  • Danise Jones (staff)
  • Graduate Student Representative (TBD)

Diversity Committee

(3 faculty, 1 staff and 1 graduate student)

  • Clark Coffman (Chair; LAS representative)
  • Dior Kelley (CALS representative)
  • Xun Gu
  • Diane Jepsen (staff)
  • Rebekah Starks (Graduate student representative)

Communications Team

  • Eric Henderson 
  • Danise Jones (Staff)
  • Graduate student representative (TBD)

Faculty Search Committees

Systems Biology

  • Drena Dobbs (Chair)
  • Jeff Essner
  • Carolyn Lawrence-Dill
  • Geetu Tuteja
  • Justin Walley (external member)
  • Ian Braun (graduate student)

Genome Engineering in Plants

  • Erik Vollbrecht (Chair)
  • Hua Bai
  • Diane Bassham
  • Maura McGrail
  • Steve Whitham (external member)
  • Jordan Welker (graduate student)

Faculty Senate: Steve Howell

LAS Representative: Don Sakaguchi

Library Liaison: Mike McCloskey

Organizer of brown bag seminars: Diane Bassham

2018-2019 ISU Graduate Council member: Drena Dobbs

Representatives to the college diversity committees: GDCB Diversity Committee members: Clark Coffman (LAS), Dior Kelley (CALS)