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Technology Transfer

BiotechnologyGDCB is an important player in technology transfer

Technology Transfer is the process of moving research results from the laboratory to the marketplace. The Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (OIPTT) and the Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. (ISURF) work in concert to facilitate and enhance the inventive and creative works of Iowa State University’s employees and students, and to transfer these works for the benefit of society.

Start-up companies founded by GDCB faculty

Bioforce Nanosciences, whose founder and CSO is GDCB Professor Eric Henderson, is a nanotechnology company providing innovative nanotech tools and solutions for the life sciences through instruments, consumables, and applications.

New Link Genetics, whose founder and CEO, Charles Link, is a collaborator in the GDCB Department, is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel drugs and functional genomics solutions with a primary focus on cancer.

Recombinetics, a biogenetics company, of which GDCB Professor Jeff Essner is one of the founders, has pioneered the use of mobile DNA and genome editing technologies for adding value to animal genomes. Recombinetics has also developed unique and powerful analytics and bioinformatics to guide the genetic improvement of large animals for biomedical and agricultural applications.

Patent applications or granted patents issued to GDCB Faculty, staff and students

Ling Li and Eve Syrkin Wurtele (GDCB) 2012. Materials and Methods for Modifying a Biochemical Component in a Plant.  US2012/0222167 patent application..

Hongqing,Guo and Yanhai Yin (GDCB) 2011 Modulation of Receptor-Like Kinases for Promotion of Plant Growth US2011/0138498 patent application.

Bing Yang, Ting Li, Sheng Huang (GDCB). 2011. Nuclease Activity of TAL Effector and Foki Fusion Protein. WO 2011/159369 A1 patent application.

Paul B. McCray, Jr., Patrick L. Sinn, Daniel F. Voytas and Junbiao Dai (GDCB). 2008. Compositions and methods related to modified retroviral vectors for restricted, site specific integration. US 7470777 granted patent.

David A. Wright. (GDCB) and Voytas, Daniel F. 2004-6. Plant retroelements and methods related thereto. US 7094953 (2006), US 6949695 (2005), US 6720479 (2004). granted patents.

David Oliver (GDCB), Basil Nikolau, Robert Behal, Jinshan Ke, Isabelle Lutziger, Patrick Schnable and Eve Syrkin Wurtele (GDCB). 2004. Materials and Methods for the Alteration of Enzyme and Acetyl CoA Levels in Plants. 6,764,851 granted patent.

David A. Wright. (GDCB) and Voytas Daniel F. 2001. Plant retroelements. US 6331662 granted patent.

Voytas, Dan (GDCB) and Xiaowu Gai. 2001. Transposable Element Protein that Directs DNA Integration to Specific Chromosomal Sites. 6,228,647 granted patent.

Henderson, Eric R. (GDCB), Marc Porter, Vivian Wynne Jones and Curtis Mosher. 2000. Height Referencing Biochemical Cassette. 6,146,899 granted patent.

Voytas, Dan (GDCB) and Sige Zou. 1999. Retrotransposon and Methods. 5,976,795 granted patent.

Peterson, Thomas (GDCB), Ben Bowen and Xianggan Li. 1999. P Gene Promoter Constructs for Floral Tissue-Preferred Gene Expression. 5,955,361 granted patent.

Henderson, Eric R. (GDCB) and James Vesenka. 1999. Decontamination Device and Method Thereof. 5,935,339 granted patent.

Horner, Harry T. (GDCB), Wei Jin, Reid Palmer, and Randy Shoemaker. 1999. Soybean Glucanases, Compounds which Encode Therefor and Related Methods. 5,952,548 granted patent.

Henderson, Eric R. (GDCB), John-Bruce, Green; Vivian Wynne Jones, Curtis Mosher, and Marc Porter. 1998. Analytical Method Using Modified Scanning Probes. 5,763,768 granted patent.

Wurtele, Eve (GDCB), Paul Dietrich and Bruce Held. 1997. Root Preferential Promoter. 5,633,363 granted patent.

Mayfield, John (GDCB), Bonnie Beck and Louisa Tabatabai. 1993. Brucella Abortus Diagnostic Reagents. Patent No. 5,188,936.

Mayfield, John (GDCB) and Louisa Tabatabai. 1991. Recombinant Brucella Abortus Gene Expressing Immunogenic Protein. Patent No. 5,023,174.